HPC Serbia is EuroCC2's national competence center for High-Performance Computing (HPC). EuroCC2 was appointed by EuroHPC Joint Undertaking to build a European network of national competence centers for HPC, acting as a hub to promote and facilitate HPC uptake and related technologies across a range of industries.

The role of EuroCC2 is to establish and run a network of 33 NCCs across the EuroHPC participating states. The NCCs act as single points of access in each country between stakeholders and national and EuroHPC systems. They operate on a regional and national level to liaise with local communities, in particular SMEs, map HPC competencies, and facilitate access to European HPC resources for users from the private and public sectors.

EuroCC2 delivers training, interacts with the industry, develops competence mapping and communication materials and activities, and supports the adoption of HPC services in other related fields, such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance data analytics (HPDA) to expand the HPC user base.

As part of the EuroCC2 initiative, HPC Serbia was founded on 1 January 2023, and it consists of two institutions - the Institute of Physics Belgrade (IPB), a National Institute of the Republic of Serbia, as the beneficiary and the University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering (ETF) as an affiliated entity. Both institutions have a leading position among the scientific institutions in Serbia in the fields of HPC, HPDA, and AI. The institutions have been collaborating in the HPC/HPDA/AI field for many years, but the partnership was officially established on 28 September 2022, through the signing of a Cooperation Memorandum. The primary objectives of this memorandum closely align with the goals of the EuroCC2 project.

Funded by the European Union. This work has received funding from the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (JU) and Germany, Bulgaria, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Norway, Türkiye, Republic of North Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia under grant agreement No 101101903.