The ChEESE Tsunami and Meteo-Tsunami Modelling Training Course, which took place on 13 and 14 May 2024, is now available to watch online as a two-part series.

This training course covers the fundamentals and numerical techniques for modeling and simulating tsunamis and meteo-tsunamis. The webinar began with a theoretical explanation of the processes and mechanisms involved in these natural events. Participants then learned how to perform practical simulations using Tsunami-HySEA, a powerful European software. This tool can solve 2D shallow water equations using high-order Finite Volume (FV) discretization for hydrostatic scenarios and Finite Differences (FD) for dispersive versions on structured nested meshes in spherical coordinates. Additionally, the training covered the Meteo-HySEA extension, illustrating how meteorological forces, such as atmospheric pressure and wind stress, can be incorporated as boundary conditions.

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