We have successfully completed the tendering process for the fifth upgrade of the PARADOX cluster during this summer. This upgrade has been made possible by the SCLoTHiFi ERC grant awarded to Dr. Jakša Vučičević from the Scientific Computing Laboratory of the Institute of Physics Belgrade (IPB). The tender was won by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and the new equipment has arrived at IPB today. Would you like to know what the upgrade includes?

PARADOX V is based on the HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 Plus system. It has a total of 1,536 CPU cores and 95 TB of effective storage space, all interconnected with Infiniband EDR 100 Gbps technology. The CPU capacity is provided by Intel-Xeon Gold 6338 processors, each with 32 cores and operating at a frequency of 2.0 GHz. The available amount of RAM per single core is 2 GB.

The PARADOX V storage system uses the HPE MSA 2062 12Gb SAS controller and has two disk enclosures that contain a total of 24 6TB SAS drives. This results in a raw storage space of 144TB, or 95TB of effective storage space when connected as a RAID level 6 array. To ensure optimal storage utilization, we will implement the Lustre distributed parallel system with Infiniband.

We are currently installing a new system, scheduled for completion in November. Stay tuned for updates.

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